Android N: What’s New?

Despite only releasing Android Marshmallow only a few months ago, Google are already developing the next installment of Android’s OS, Android N.

The developer preview was released on Wednesday (9th March).  We’ve had a look and decided to let you know some of the best new features below.

What’s New in Android N?

Multi-window supportAndroid N

Introduced by popular demand, and probably the most noteworthy development of Android N is the new ‘multi-window’ functionality.

This will allow users to have more than one application open at once.  Whilst this is more aimed at tablet users, it’s also very useful for smartphone users too.

There’s also support for application developers to enable a ‘drag-and-drop’ feature, so that content can be moved to or from different apps.

Power Saving

Doze, a battery saving feature that was first introduced in Marshamllow has been further enhanced.

Android N will also reduce general battery consumption.  It does this by modifying the way apps recieve information about connectivity.


To improve usability for those with low or impaired vision, Android N enables users to set manually zoom in/out on their screen. This feature will work on the home screen and any apps that have the feature enabled.

Android NAndroid N









Android N has introduced a new permission for opening a dedicated external directory, intended to replace the storage access permission.

If the user approves, the app can then only read or write files in that one directory and nowhere else.  Much, much better.

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