How to Change APN Settings

Can't browse the internet whilst not connected to Wi-Fi? Regularly receivings texts from your network telling you that someone sent an MMS that wasn't delivered? These could be signs that there is an issue with your APN settings.

Follow our guide below to change your APN settings.

Changing your APN settings

Usually, APN settings are automatically drawn down from your carrier, but sometimes they need to be completed manually.  If this isn’t set up correctly, it can cause connection issues, such as the inability to send MMS or use mobile data.

Geeksquad has a list of all the network specific guides – pick your network from the list and follow the instructions.  If you’re an Online customer just contact us and we’ll run you through it.

Using mobile data to browse on an iPhone

See an example for Vodafone

There can be differences depending on whether you're on a contract SIM or a PAYG SIM. The differences for PAYG are in brackets below.

Name - Vodafone Internet
APN - internet (PAYG -
Username - web (PAYG - wap)
Password - web (PAYG - wap)
MMS Proxy -
MMS Port - 8799
Authentication type - PAP
APN type - If given a choice, select internet+mms, if the keyboard appears enter *

Still can't get online or send MMS?

To rule out the possibility that it's a handset issue, you could try to reset network settings. This does mean that you'll need to re-enter any APN settings, your iPhone will forget any WiFi networks and their passwords, though.

If resetting network settings doesn't work, the your device may be faulty. In that case, you should try to get it sorted for free under the manufacturer's warranty (or any insurance policy you may have taken out).

If the device is not an issue, and you’re still having signal problems, you might need to switch to a provider that has better signal in your area (you can still keep your existing number).