How To: Manual Roam & Soft Reset iPhone

There's a host of reasons why you may want to perform a manual roam or soft reset iPhone devices.
For example, if you're struggling for service, you can force an update with your mobile network.  This means you're forcing your handset to 'check-in' to the mast with the strongest signal. A manual roam will do the trick in this scenario.
A Soft Reset, however, will clear the iPhone’s memory and reset all iOS software processes, meaning anything hung or not responding will be restarted. This can help if emails aren't coming through, sound isn't working or apps keep crashing.

Soft Reset iPhone

It's simple and you've probably done it in the past.
1) Press and hold the home button and power button.
2) When the Apple logo appears, you can release and wait for the phone to reboot.
manual roam iphone

Manual Roam

This trick is a little less well known and will refresh network settings on your handset.
1) Go into the ‘Settings’ menu from the main screen.
2) Then select ‘Carrier’ and switch ‘Automatic’ to ‘OFF’.
3) It will start search for networks.
4) Select a network that is not your own and leave this for 1 minute.
5) Switch back to ‘Automatic’. You'll then connect to the correct network.

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