Is BlackBerry Dead? No More BlackBerry Phones?

BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, recently announced that they’re no longer going manufature phones running BlackBerry’s operating system, BlackBerry 10. This has left a cloud of doubt over whether they’ll be in the smartphone game for much longer. So is BlackBerry dead?

Last year we saw the introduction of the first ever BlackBerry manufactured, Android-operated smartphone, and it was mostly unsuccessful.

But despite the lack of popularity of the Priv, BlackBerry are planning to release two mid-range android devices this year,

What’s happening to BlackBerry 10?

Back in January, Chen wrote an open letter to customers explaining that he was fully commited to the BlackBerry 10 operating system.

is BlackBerry dead? New BlackBerry phones will ship with android BlackBerry dead? New BlackBerry phones will ship with android devices.

He has since explained, however, that no new devices will ship with it.  The BlackBerry 10 operating system will be supported for “a minimum of two more years”. Then the Canadian firm decides whether they have been able to secure Android software to a high enough standard.

BlackBerry may be left behind in that 2 year period, though.  Developers are starting to discontinue support for BlackBerry 10 – including WhatsApp and Facebook.

Is BlackBerry Dead?

Well, they are still manufacturing handsets, albeit running someone else’s operating system.

As we suggested before the Priv was released, however, whether some of their customer base falls away into the the rest of the Android market reamins to be seen.

The BlackBerry brand remains, for now but it doesn’t carry nearly as much as weight as it once did.  Could they be the next Nokia-like fallen giant in the mobile industry?

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