Mobile Network Unlock Code Not Working

For various reasons you may find yourself landed with a mobile phone which is locked to a different network other than your own. In this case, you’ll need to get your phone unlocked by the network. But what can you do if your unlock code provided by the network doesn’t work?

Although, generally, getting your mobile unlocked should be very straightforward there are of course occasions where this isn’t the case. Below are a few tips which may be able to help.

What can you do?

  • Remember that your unlock code is case sensitive. Make sure that you’re entering it correctly.
  • You will have needed to answer some questions or fill out a form in order to request the unlocking of your device. Make sure all the details given are correct.
  • The unlock code will only work on the specific phone that you gave the details for. If you’re trying to unlock another phone other than your own, the details for that handset will need to be given instead.
  • After trying all these steps and still no luck, it may be that the network has sent you the wrong code. Unfortunately, in this case, you’ll need to request the code again, making sure all details are right.



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