Parental Controls: iPhone & Other Apple Products

Using Parental Controls on your iPhone or other Apple devices means you can restrict or block certain features or apps.

This is useful if you’re wanting to block certain explicit media or you’re trying to limit your data usage/battery consumption.

See below our guide to using restrictions.

Turn on Restrictions

  1. Under Settings > General, open up Restrictions.
  2. Click on ‘Enable Restrictions’ (the Restrictions feature requires a passcode, so you can change or turn them off ).
  3. You can now select which Apps and features you want to block or limit.

What can you restrict?

Aside from Apps, there’s a list of iOS features you can restrict below:

  1. Safari
  2. Camera
  3. FaceTime
  4. iTunes Store
  5. Apple Music Connect
  6. iBooks Store
  7. In-App Purchases
  8. Siri
  9. AirDrop
  10. CarPlay
  11. Installing apps
  12. Deleting apps
  13. Multiplayer games in Game Center
  14. Adding Game Center friends

What other Parental Controls can be used?

The significance of the internet is growing.  Controlled exposure to the online world is becoming vital for personal development – even at a young age.  As it becomes more important, however, the likelihood of a profound negative effect increases if not managed correctly.

So how do you avoid this?

Companies such as Netsanity provide services for Parental Controls.  They don’t use an app, instead opting for an original system, making it ‘extremely difficult for even the savviest of teens to eliminate from their device’.

It also claims to let parents know when an attempt is made to remove the parental controls.

Parental Controls iPhone devices need

More help

Unfortunately, unlike certain devices, such as the Blackphone, iOS kit doesn’t allow for separate user accounts. The reason being, Apple doesn’t want its products shared. It wants everyone to buy their own kit, because it makes them more money.

Other Apple device help:

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