Register for the TPS: The Guide

From May 2016, Mobile users in the UK can use the new ‘text-to-register’ system to register for the TPS (Telephone Preference Service).  This makes it illegal for anyone to make unsolicited sales and marketing calls to your number.

How to use ‘Text-to-Register’ to register for the TPS

  1. To register, text ‘TPS’, followed by your email address to 78070.
  2. Shortly after, you’ll get a text reply from the TPS to confirm your number has been successfully added.

Does this stop all marketing texts? Ofcom quote a maximum of 28 days to see a reduction in the texts and calls you receive.

They do also say that ‘Registering with the TPS, however, does not prevent spam text messages’.

How to protect yourself against unsolicited sales calls?

Because registering with the TPS is no guarantee that organisations will stop calling you, it’s recommended that your try to prevent your information being shared with them in the first place.

The best ways to do that are as follows:

  1. When you’re signing up for anything, make sure you understand the ‘opt-in’ and ‘opt-out’ boxes. Because these can be automatically ticked and they are surrounded by confusing small print, you could easily agree to share your information with third-parties you don’t know.
  2. As explained by TopCashback, some ‘spammers’ will be able to correctly guess valid email addresses, just by trying frequently used names, email prefixes and known domain names. Because of this, it’s advised that less generic email addresses are used – for example avoid using ‘info@…’ or ‘enquiries@…’ as your prefixes.

register for the tps

You can also block specific numbers on Android and iPhone handsets.

Ofcom recommend that you make a complaint if you receive any nuisance call or message. Reporting it helps prevent it. This goes for silent or abandoned calls also.

Business Spam Prevention

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