What Size SIM do I need?

There are loads of different smartphones, tablets and dongles available today.  For any to connect to a mobile network, they’ll need a SIM card.

Depeding on the device you own, you may need a different sized SIM card.

What Size SIM do I need? Our Guide:

What Size SIM do you need? Standard, Micro or Nano


Standard SIM Cards

This was the original size of SIM and it’s now only really used in older devices.

These include the iPhone 3GS, the BlackBerry 9720 and the Samsung Galaxy S II.  If you have one of these and you’re upgrading to a newer handset, you’ll need a new SIM.  Alternatively you can use a SIM cutter on your existing SIM.

Micro SIM Cards

This was made the standard by Apple with the iPhone 4, which released on June 24, 2010.

It’s roughly half the size of it’s predecessor and most budget and mid-range smartphones now predominantly use a micro SIM.

Nano SIM Cards

Apple devices from the iPhone 5 onwards use the Nano SIM.

Most modern smartphones are now manufactured to be compatible with only Nano SIM cards, such as; the BlackBerry Priv, the Samsung Galaxy range (S6 onwards) and the Sony Xperia Z series (Z3 onwards).

Did Online supply your device?

If Online supplied you with your device, then you will have been supplied with the right sized SIM card, labelled with your number.

If you’re on a SIM-only plan with us, and you’ve bought or plan to buy your device yourself, let us know and we can make sure you’ve got the right SIM.

If you’re not with Online, and you would like to enquire about a business mobile contract, contact us now or give us a call on 0208 232 1190. We work in partnership with major providers to give you the best service with a personal level of customer service.